Family Traditions

My Rambles…
By Marcella Meeks

The rain and cold is relentless. I can’t wait for spring to get here. Christmas is over, the tree is down and I am trying to get my life back to normal, to some extent. The hardest part of the Christmas holiday was, not only did I eat too much but the fact remains that I spent more money than intended. But who didn’t? But that’s the fun part. My children and grand children made spending enjoyable and worth every cent.

Growing up in a large family was a lot of fun and there are memories that I cherish. They shaped me into the person I am today and that makes me happy. My parents never had a lot to spend on us but what we did get was appreciated. Getting together every year with the older siblings was the best part. My older sisters always brought me special things… The times we shared was priceless. We didn’t have Playstation 4 or XBox 1, or cell phones or I-Pads or any of these expensive gadgets. What we had were board games or a deck of cards. We had a game we played with marbles called Chinese Checkers – we spent endless hours around the table playing it or Monopoly. Our favorite card game was Go Fish or Battle! Oh, how I miss those good times.

The New Year is upon us and everyone is asking what my plans are. Apart from cooking a pot of black-eye peas, boiled cabbage and cornbread, there are no plans other than that. It’s the only tradition I can afford anyway!

If you’d like to share your new year’s traditions with us, send your story to DeSoto Parish Voice at Our readers will enjoy reading your story.


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