“If I Were President of the United States”

“If I Were President of the United States”
By Marcella Meeks

For the past few months, every where I look on the Internet there is something written about President Trump. He is a very popular man, this president. You know, America, he may tweet too much or ask for too much by putting up the border wall, but give the man a break. He is trying to run this country as best as he can instead of chasing after some woman like Clinton did during his presidency or creating something ludicrous as Obama Care.

Honestly, I didn’t vote for neither one of them. I have lost any and all respect for our current political officials and anything they put out there.

But I do admit putting up a border wall is one of the best ideas yet. And keeping the money in the U.S. instead of sending millions to all these other countries is another great idea. At least Trump has managed to do a few good things, but he has had to put up a fight to get it done.

If I were president, I’d build the border wall and enforce the law just like other countries do when American people go into their countries. We have to have a passport in order to get in, so it should be here also. They’d have to be legal in order to work here and they’d certainly have to be legal in order to draw food stamps, SSI or Social Security. We have to pay taxes, and it should be set for them to pay as well when they come to this country. If I were president, I’d make them pay taxes plus pay an additional ten percent for a year in order to become a US citizen. But that’s just me!

We have people in America who are homeless and can’t afford shelter or food and they cannot get benefits because they don’t have a home. Why should we give those same benefits to illegals who come here and don’t have homes either? Our own people would be priority if I ran this country.

What gets me is the school system. When our children start school we have to show our ID with a current address or if we don’t have that, we have to produce two forms of a bill showing our residency such as an electric bill or water bill. How do the illegals get their kids in school? How do they get an ID or driver’s license?

It’s a good thing I am not president because I’d sure crack down on a lot of things. I would find ways to fund our veterans who fought for our freedom much more vigorously. These other countries wouldn’t get the money when our own heroes need it more.

Prisoners who have murdered innocent children should never be set free. They’d spend their life in prison without parole.

But since I am not the president and never will be, at least I can think up ways to help this country. If you were president, what would be different? What restrictions would you implement? Just curious to hear other view points…


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