Notes from the Voice of DeSoto Parish
By Marcella Meeks

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Setting Realistic New Year’s Resolutions and Goals

Looking back at some of the resolutions I made in the past few years was anything but realistic and it is obviously clear why I never stuck with the plan. When you are thinking about setting goals for yourself, never set goals you know you can’t meet whether it is for today, tomorrow or in the future.

Here are a few goals I set for myself for 2019 that make sense to me:

– Work on DeSoto Parish Voice news stories and website each day. Interview townspeople of interest and promote the website on social media as often as possible each day. Pass out flyers and announcements and do an email mail out once a week.

– Lose at least 10 pounds by May 2019; 15 pounds by October, and so on.

– Do a Spring Cleaning in April and May. Clean out storage sheds and have a rummage sale.

– Write everyday. (I am a writer and have a tendency to procrastinate for months at a time.) Set aside at least two hours a day for my writing projects.

– Strive to finish unfinished projects this year. (I have three novels that need editing, and rewritten. Finish the editing and rewrites and submit them to a publisher by the end of August 2019.)

– Attend a writers group at least three or four times in 2019.

– Plan our annual summer vacation (usually in July) and start saving money in January 2019 for it.

Every year, set realistic goals and resolutions and at the end of each year, look back over your list to see what you accomplished. Remember, be realistic and logical. Don’t set goals you know you can’t accomplish. Have fun with it, and strive daily to achieve the smallest of your goals and see where you end up.


Somehow I got lost in the technical side of The Voice this week, updating the site and building the pages that I actually lost sight of what it was I needed to do. This column was one of those things, but when I sat down to get started, a blank screen stared back at me for endless hours. Wrestling with ideas plagued me all day yesterday but for all it was worth, nothing got written.

I lay awake way into the night last night trying to decide how I’d handle my column. Ideas floated around my brain as the night turned into morning. Now, it is already 1:30 in the afternoon and still, my column is having a little bit of a hard time coming into fruition. Being stumped or blocked wasn’t my idea for my first editorial, that’s for sure. If I am to be ‘The Voice’ of DeSoto Parish, something has to give. I’ve got to do better than this!

Just as I started to write, someone came into my office and needed to talk. Needless to say thirty minutes passed and I finally had to excuse myself to get started writing. There went the phone. My daug hter needed to borrow wrapping paper, and my grandson Tristin wanted to come over to play. Just as I talking to my dear child, someone else came over and wanted to take me for a burger. Nice idea since I let lunch pass me by today. But after looking back at this empty page on my computer, declining the burger, I excused myself once again, shut my office door and unplugged my phone.

I love to write and finding ideas has always come easily, but not today! This column will come about before this day ends, one way or another!

Writing has always been easy for me but sometimes writers block or just procrastination slipped upon me. Somehow I made it through the entire after several failed attempts.

So without further, game on! Here’s my first attempt at being ‘the voice’…

Logansport school is officially out for the holidays and want resume until January 7th. Our housed will be filled with family this weekend and all next week. Christmas is almost here and there are several grand kids ready to tear open packages. I’ll be cooking Saturday…oh, what joy?!

Let me tell you a little about me – the person behind the voice. I moved to Logansport back in the early nineties, raised my children here, operated a newspaper for a few years and eventually sold out to another company. I bought my first home in Logansport.

My children attended school in Logansport. Now my grandchildren are attending school here as well. It is with great pleasure that I say this because my children loved going to school here, and so does the grands. We have some of the finest teachers in the parish.

Throughout the years I have watched businesses come and businesses go. It’s hard watching one of the town’s icon like N.J. Caraway and Company close down. N.J. Caraway and Company is the oldest hardware and department store in DeSoto Parish, established by N.J. Caraway and Elijah Price in 1897, on the banks of the Sabine River, very near the original site of the Logan’s Ferry crossing. To learn more about the N.J. Caraway building and its story, click here.

Rumor has it that a new Mexican Restaurant is opening up on Highway 84 just east of town. I’ll be checking it out in a few days and let you know.

Mayor Judge Cordray has really been busy the last few months. He has been doing a fantastic job cleaning up the town.

We love the lights down  at the riverfront! Great job, Guys!

We encourage students to participate in our writing, poetry, art and photography contests. 10 students from each school will be selected in each category to have their work published and portrayed for our readers. It will remain on ‘The Voice’ for a period of three months after publication. Check out the guidelines for each category before submitting.

DeSoto Parish, DP Voice is for you. We appreciate readers form all over the parish and beyond. We’d like to hear from you. Comments are always welcome. We appreciate feedback – we’d like to know how you feel about our website. Email us at marcies1960@aol.com.

Since we do not have a full-time staff, we appreciate news, feature stories, columns, photography, news briefs and happenings in and around the area. DeSoto Parish we need you to be the voice for us!

If you see an accident or something newsworthy, call us at 318-564-6031.

Remember, all personal classifieds are FREE.

That wraps it up for today. Welcome to the DESOTO PARISH VOICE…


Marcella Meeks








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