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Update on the stray dogs on Four Mile Loop Road

I have been up and down the Four Mile Loop Road everyday searching for the other two dogs I saw roaming around a few weeks ago but have not seen them anymore. It is sad though, because I was going to try and find a forever home for them somewhere in the country where they could get a meal everyday.

I mean, honestly, the dogs that live at my daughters are harmless as a kitten, and propose no threat to society in any way.

My daughter moved into the house on Four Mile Loop Road a couple of months ago and the dogs were there in that neighborhood. The neighbors said they were strays. They just moved into the yard and never left so yeah, we feed them every evening. They live there now. They are poor and scrawny right now but give them a few weeks. In the beginning she wanted them to go home so she wouldn’t feed them but the neighbors finally told her they were strays and belonged to no one. As far as I am concerned that is their forever home now. If anyone wants to pitch in and buy dog food and get them spayed and neutered and get their shots, that would be a blessing!


Good morning, DeSoto Parish! We’ve had a busy night around the parish with the storms rolling in! I’d like to invite you all to air out your differences, share your opinions or just send us a letter to the editor. You may do so by replying here or sending us an email at desotoparishvoice@gmail.com.
I do have a concern here in Logansport and like to share it with our readers. For several days I have noticed several dogs that befriended each other that are roaming the streets around the Old Mansfield Road area. They are not wild or mean dogs. They were dumped off, and left to fend for themselves. One of them, a cute little brown dog, was ran over on 84 between Lee’s Auto and the Truck Stop the other day.
Someone dumped these dogs off and they are roaming the streets looking for food and shelter. It is a sad situation. These dogs are defenseless. They are mangy, cold and hungry and are getting killed out there on the streets. If there was a way I could take them in I would. But someone had dumped off two stray black dogs at my daughter’s house on the Four Mile Loop Road and we took them in and are feeding them. Someone dumped off three cats at our house and I took them in, made them a warm bed in the shed and feed them everyday.

There’s no way of knowing where these animals came from but I wish the people who dump these animals off on others would realize that these animals are defenseless. Most of them get killed or continue roaming the streets till they die from starvation. These animals didn’t get here by themselves. Luckily I took in the three cats and my daughter took in the two large dogs for the time being.
My point is, who should be responsible for these unwanted animals? Should they continue to roam the streets, starving, cold and homeless? Pet Savers in Shreveport is full with animals needing homes right now. Is there a program available to set up funding so someone can start a pet rescue in DeSoto Parish?
Just a thought…
Replies and comments welcome.

Marcy Meeks




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